Thursday, December 19, 2013

Getting to know my CT spotlight and a New Release.

I have been a terrible blogger lately...I apologize! Forgive me please. So today I bring you another spotlight and a new release! And please forgive my imageless posts. Blogger will not let me post images lately, if anyone knows why and could help me out leave me a comment!

Introducing Donna!

Donna Bryer Penn 1. Where do you live/where are you from? I'm Donna (djp332 in the forums)

 and I've lived in Pittsburgh, PA my whole life.

2. Tell us about your family -I'm married to John for 31 years and we have 2 grown daughters, 

Krissy and Becky.

3. What do you get excited about? I love vacations.Hobbies? Scrapbooking, of course, and 

photography, but I also make quilts and love to do crafts.

4. Give us some, color, place, vacations...etc feel free to elaborate! My favorite 

vacation was 2 weeks in Alaska 2.5 years ago. We still can't stop talking about it. My favorite 

beach is Siesta Key, FL - my oldest daughter will be getting married there in April. Favorite food is 

crab cakes. Favorite color is green.

5. What is your job? My job right now is scrapbooking. lol Before that, I worked as a secretary in \

hospital and a doctor's office and was also a school crossing guard.

6. Tell us something crazy about you that few people would guess. I love roller coasters.

7. What are you afraid of or grossed out by? My biggest fear is dying. Not the actual being dead 

part, but the way it would happen. 

8. Who is your hero? I think my parents would be my heroes. They worked hard and while we 

were never rich, we never went without (at least I don't remember if we did) Even with 6 kids, we 

had camping vacations, nice Christmas gifts and 2 new pairs of shoes when school started.

9. Tell us about a typical day in the life of you. My typical day starts with a work out at the gym, 

usually in the pool. I love swimming and water aerobics classes. Then a group of us go to Panera's 

for coffee. Then I come home and scrap all day! lol What a life, huh?

10. When and why did you start scrapping? I started seriously scrapping in 2005 when a surgical 

accident left me unable to work outside of the home. I had to do something. My physical 

therapist's wife invited me on a weekend crop and I was hooked.

11. What is your fav thing to scrap about? I scrap everything - from the usual holidays, vacations, 

and birthdays, to the everyday things - even my husband's surgery isn't off limits.

As for the New Release, I have something that some of you have been waiting for! Remember my 

Alphabetty Set, well set two is in stores tomorrow. This series is perfect for an ABC album, 

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Merry Christmas and Happy Scrappin! For eye candy from my CT go check out my album on 


Em J 

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